Last week, we decided to divide the work for our placement teachers. Lauren created the portfolio for Ms. Lan and I decided to create the portfolio for Ms. Cuttle. I want to use prezi for my portfolio piece.

Every day, I add pieces of information on my placement blog, I answer one question from the blog prompt each day. I also do the same thing for the portfolio so I won't have a lot of work to finish on the last day.

I also created a presentation from prezi for our placement with Ms. Cuttle. I took screenshots of almost all the pages of the quiz that we have done in the entire placement. I finished everything as early as possible because I wanna ask someone to edit my work, since I am an ESL Student. Unfortunately, I can't find someone to edit my work because they are all busy doing their placement portfolios.

I also did the placement self-evaluation, trying to justify the marks I have given myself as best as I can.

I finished all the work that I have to do beforehand.

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