On your blog, write a post summarizing and evaluating your placement.  Consider the following questions:
  • Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?
  • What went well with your placement?
  • What difficulties did you have with your placement?
  • Do you consider your placement a success?
  • Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?
  • How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?
I have never pictured myself in a situation where I am giving help to a teacher, especially when it comes to providing them some teaching materials that they need using technology.

Thinking about it, it was unexpectedly fun and challenging. :) I have learned many things that I never knew before, not just about technology but also thinking about things in a teacher's perspective. I definitely enjoyed the experience. Why? Because somehow, I felt useful in a way. :) There are times that I had difficulties but I learned how to overcome those. It is really a great experience to be able to work for both of my teacher placements.

The time spent for both our teacher placements went by so fast that I haven't even notice we are finished. Most of everything we had in the placement plan worked. I am not totally a beginner in working with websites because I have a background in Computer Science and I guess this became the key for me to start being into both of our placements. I have a background in using html tags which helps me do basic aligning, subscripts, indention and line breaks in creating quizzes for our teacher. I also used this knowledge for the other teacher which she only needs a working website. Also, one of our placement teachers is our homeform teacher, so it's not that hard for us to set appointments and dates, and also ask questions.

However, we encountered some difficulties along the way. First, one of our placement teacher is always teaching whenever we go to her room. We found a way to communicate with her by setting up a time during lunch and do everything we can during that time period. Second, in creating quizzes for our second placement teacher, we want to copy the quiz that our teacher sent as the way it looks, but the indention, alignment, subscripts, etc., would not work. I tried using html tags that time, hoping it will work because it is in the web, and it did work. :)

The two projects are useful for the teachers and the teacher's students in their classes. The first one is a website that the teacher can use to upload class materials such as handouts or reviewers. This can help the French students to study and review beforehand. The next project that we made is the quizzes that can be embedded on the teacher's website for her Accounting and Economics Classes. If the students will go to the site and use the quizzes online to review, it will be a great help for them to ace their tests and quizzes. The teacher can also use it to upload more quiz materials in the future.

This placement is an on-going project if the teacher is going to need more improvement or more materials in the future. For our project on our first teacher, the future IDC classes can improve it by adding class materials and handouts on the website or on dropbox. For our project in our second teacher, the future IDC Classes can use the account to upload more quizzes for different courses that the teachers will teach. For example, we only put one Economics quiz on the website, and I think that is where the future IDC classes will work on. There is always a lot more to add because technology is always improving and growing.

Overall, I consider our placement a success because we have provided all the things that we can. We did what the teachers required us to do. We created a basic website that one of our teachers can use for her class. We also created a quiz for our second teacher that she can embed in her website for her students to use in reviewing. In both of our placement, we tried to meet all the teacher's expectations on the outcomes of the web-based materials.


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