In this blog post, we are asked to outline the skills from the list that our Placement satisfies or will satisfy.

Interdisciplinary and ICT Knowledge

1. Student has gained an understanding of the role ICT plays in 21st century education and of the relationship among ICT and high school curriculum expectations
  • While this placement is on-going, I am already gaining enough understanding on how to strengthen students and teachers relationship outside the classroom. With the use of technology, we want to give the teachers online tools so that learning and communication can still happen even outside the school.
2. Student has gained an understanding and ability to use a variety of ICT tools (blogs, diigo, prezi, google docs, smartboards, netbooks, wordpress, etc)
  • For our first teacher, we used wix.com to create her website. We also made a dropbox account for her so she can store the class materials that she will need online and just embed or share it in her website.
  • For our second teacher, we used wordpress.com because she allowed us to use her website. We also tried to install different quiz plugins on wordpress. I also tried using proprofs.com and quizlet.com Because I didn't find the quiz plugins working.

Thinking and Inquiry

1. Student demonstrates the ability to plan an ICT project and shows initiative in addressing problems and developing solutions in the creation and implementation of ICT projects
  • For both our teachers, we made a Placement Plan, with realistic due dates, goals and materials needed. This is very helpful because it makes us more productive and it makes our goals more achievable.
  • With our second teacher, I didn't limit myself in just searching for wordpress quiz plugins but I tried finding an alternative and looking for a quiz platform that meets most of the teacher's expectation.
2. Student demonstrates the ability to analyze and evaluate ICT information
  • I am doing this for both of our teachers. For the first teacher, we analyzed what the teacher's needs are and we evaluated the best website that fits for the teacher. For our second teacher, I noted and assessed that the best quiz platform should meet the concerns and must-haves of our teacher.
3. Student demonstrates the ability to think creatively when using ICT
  • The website design for our first teacher enables me to think creatively using ICT.
4. Student demonstrates the ability to reflect on personal learning and planning skills and evaluate areas for improvement
  • The weekly blog updates for our placement lets me reflect on what I have specifically learn about ICT on a weekly basis. It lets me set goals for the week and plan on what has to be done. At the end of the week, it makes me evaluate what I have accomplished and what I wasn't able to do.


1. Student can develop professional instructional and informational written materials for teaching ICT skills.
  • I will try to create type-written materials for both of our teachers. For our first teacher, on using her website productively and a manual on how to use it. For our second teacher, a manual on how to create a quiz and how to effectively use the quiz site.
2. Student can
 create professional multimedia content to communicate with a variety of audiences
  • The website that we made and the quizzes that we uploaded are for a variety of audiences.
3. Student’s oral communication is organized, clear and effective when communicating with different audiences
  • I'm trying to communicate as best as I can with our teachers and with Lauren as well.
4. Student creates professional materials that are concise and contain no spelling, grammar errors
  • Lauren proofreads what I have typed or included in our materials since I am an ESL student, just to make sure that we don't have spelling or grammar errors.


1. Student can use information and communication technology in educational settings to create educational materials
  • The website that we through ICT is considered educational material.
2. Student can transfer ICT skills to new contexts and programs (learning new programs, developing new materials for existing programs).
  • I learned new skills like searching the web effectively, making online quizzes, creating websites, and developing new learning materials using a variety of existing online materials such as dropbox, wordpress, weebly, proprofs and wix.
3. Students can create content using a variety of ICT tools (blogs, diigo, prezi, google docs, smartboards, netbooks, wordpress)
  • We used google docs, wordpress, wix, weebly, dropbox, google drive and proprofs.
4. Student can apply digital literacy skills to his/her own processes and learning needs.
  • The things that I have learned about technology are very evident to me and I am using it productively in my placement.


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