We talked to Ms. Cuttle if when is the due date of the working quiz review and it was agreed to be done on Friday for Ms. Cuttle's Accounting Class.

I have tried to install some wordpress plugins but I have figured out that the types of questions that Ms. Cuttle wants to give her students as a review will not work on those quiz plugins. So I did not limit myself in just looking for plugins, I've tried searching the web on a more manageable and suitable quiz platform.

I created an account for Ms. Cuttle on an online quiz platform and I copied and pasted the first sample quiz that Ms. Cuttle has e-mailed us. After that, I started to try taking up the quiz if it is working.

Ms. Cuttle approved  the quiz platform that I chose and I posted the first quiz on her website so her students can use for eviewing. In this week, Ms. Cuttle sends the files that we need in our emails and we have started uploading the files on the quiz site. Every day since Tuesday, we are copying and pasting the quizzes to the site.

I am also updating the placement plan for Ms. Cuttle everyday for deadlines.


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