I created a google doc for quiz research and i shared it with Lauren and Ms. Cuttle. I added two quiz platforms that I think will work best for Ms. Cuttle. We talked to her about it at the end of the week and she has not approved anything yet. We have to try some of the quiz plug-ins in her testing website next week.

I copied, edited and shared the Placement Plan for Ms. Cuttle, most of the pages have no due dates yet. So we have to keep working on it next week. I also edited the Placement Plan for Ms. Lan to make it more accurate.

We also went to Ms. Lan and talked to her how the site works for her and she said that she is fine with it. We are almost done with our Project with Ms. Lan.

I started to look at some quiz plug-ins for Ms. Cuttle's testing website. I will continue on it next week.

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