I asked Ms. Cuttle what should I post in the resources website and that became my starting point to do research and gather resources.

I watched video tutorials and researched some manuals for using weebly and I started to post and create useful resources for teachers.

I tried using the basic weebly website creator and I also tried the weebly for education. I explored all the widgets and things that you can add to a website. I want to know most, if not all of the information that the teachers will probably going to ask on the P.D. Day.

Ms. Cuttle asked us to continue our placement and do quizzes for her AP Economics Class. It was a bit challenging since I have to upload images and use html tags, such as subscripts, but I liked it because I am gaining knowledge while I was doing it. I finished my part for the questions.

I'm starting to prepare myself for the P.D. Day.

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