Create an interactive pie chart in google drive and embed it in your blog post. The percentages should reflect the class and personal time each project required to complete. You may or may not have an additional tasks slice to your pie chart.
In the written portion of your blog post, give two reasons for assigning the weighting to each project. This can be in point form.
In proper sentences, respond to the following questions:
  • What part of the course did you enjoy the most? Why?
  • What part of the course did you enjoy the least? Why?
The chart's percentage reflects the class and personal time required for me to complete the projects.

Placements (20%)
- I had two placements but I worked harder on the second one than the first one.
- 5% of my time is for the first teacher placement and 15% of my time and effort for the second one. Basically, my partner did most of the work on our first placement and I did most of the work on our second placement.

Project 3: School Website Development (17%)
- In this project, I edited the teacher information posts. I think there's almost a hundred of those posts that makes it time and effort consuming to change the order of posts from minutes to months.
- Also, I proofread the MaCS page and did the write-up for the Terry Fox Run which totaled to 17% of my time and effort.

Project 4: Self-Directed Project (18%)
- This is the project which I focused the most, for the reason that there is no one to guide me while I was learning HTML and CSS on my own. 
- I set my own due dates, did a daily log, a notes for all the theory and codes that I have learned about HTML and CSS. I used powtoons to create a video and it took long to learn and create a video at the same time. This is what makes it weigh 1% more than the Project 3.

Project 2: Technology and Learning Presentation (10%)
- This project is when we are in groups of four and we have to present Game-Based Learning. Two of my group mates didn't really helped us with doing the research and the PowerPoint.
- It is only me and my other group mate who did most of the work, like doing the Fact Sheet and the PowerPoint presentation. There is not really much time allotted to do this so I put 10% as a percentage of my time and effort.

Give Back Project (7%)
- So this project has the lowest percentage of all the projects that we had because this has the shortest amount of time for all.
- I put 5% for the time and effort that I spent to prepare learning about how to use weebly and all the tricks. I only put 2% for the actual Give Back Project day because I only taught Mr. Galo how to use Facebook and his e-mail.

Blog - Weekly Blog and Student Blog (18%)
- My blog is one of the second highest on the percentage allotted of my time and effort. 15% for my IDC Blog because it really takes time for me to do it. As an ESL student, I have to work hard in order to try and check my grammar and spelling errors. Writing in English is not as easy for me like the other kids.
- 3% for my Weekly Blog Update about the teacher placements because as I have said, it takes me time to edit my grammar and think of the proper English words to say.

Greatest Hits (10%)
- 7% for practicing and creating a guide on PowerPoint that I would use during the presentation
- 3% for worrying. :) Presenting in front of the class is not really my strength. I feel dumb when I pronounce words wrongly. I am really worried about presenting and sharing personal thoughts in front of class.

The part of the course that I enjoyed the most is when the teacher made us do the Give Back Project and the Self Directed Project. I enjoyed the Give Back Project because I taught Mr. Galo how to use Facebook. He is fun to talk to and I learned a lot about Math while teaching him how to use Facebook. Also I enjoyed the Self-Directed Project because I got to practice being disciplined while learning new skills on my own. I also learned to stop procrastinating in this project because there is no one pushing me to things.

The part of the course that I enjoyed the least is our first teacher placement and during the presentations. In my first placement, not that I don't like the teacher, but my partner does not seem to need my help. She basically wants to do everything. She arranged appointments to the teacher and created the teacher's class website without letting me know! Now, it is one of the things that threw my mark off. :( Also, if I have a choice, I will never present in front of MaCS students. They are just so smart that it makes me feel embarrassed when they look at me while I am talking in the front. 

So pretty much, that is how my IDC class went. I enjoyed most part of it. It is the most chill class that I had! :)


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