Reflect on your experiences designing, planning and implementing a project with minimal adult intervention.
Consider these questions to help write your reflection:

- Did the project proceed as planned?  If not, were the problems unforeseeable? unpreventable? insurmountable?
- If you were to be involved in a project like this again, would you approach it differently? Why or why not?
- If another IDC class attempts a redesign of the school website in the future, what advice would you give them?
In this project, I am one of the website crew. I was assigned to update the teacher information with Noa. After we are done the task, I became a proof reader of the revised MaCS page. Also, I did the write-up for the Terry Fox Run.

I didn't really experience much with designing the website because we just encoded the teacher information that was given to us. With minimal adult intervention, I think this project went pretty well. Our group leaders planned and implemented all of the task smoothly.

The project did proceed as planned. Although some of the due dates are not met on the exact date, it has not caused a problem to the group and to the overall task. In my task with Noa, it took us longer to put up the new teachers information because they did not fill-up the Google form right away. Also, last year's IDC class ordered the posts in minutes that's why we have to change the order to months, so we can make the gap bigger.

If I were to be involved in a project like this again, I would be more initiative and more helpful and will try to work faster. I am not saying that I don't have initiative right now but I want to give more of my effort with these type of projects that involves the school if I would have the chance again. Also I was too shy to approach people sometimes, maybe because I just came here last year and I barely know everyone. I am really glad that I am working with Noa, because she can ask the teachers whenever I can't do it.

The only advice that I could give to future IDC students who will redesign the school website is this - Always, always consider the school management whenever you are going to do changes. Always ask your group leader and never be shy to initiate and contribute new ideas with them. Ciao!


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