Using the information from the procrastination lesson, analyze your own procrastination habits and suggest strategies that would help you overcome/deal with your procrastination issues.

Things to cover:
  • What tasks do your procrastinate? How do they relate to the procrastination equation?
  • Are there specific things you could do to prevent your procrastination?
If you are one of the few people who don’t procrastinate, why don’t you? How does the procrastination equation work in your life?

Procrastination is a really huge and serious problem of any person living here on earth. No one is an exemption, may it be a parent, a child, a student, a business man, name it, everyone does procrastinate in a way or two.  Now I want to talk about how I procrastinate, and how well am I at procrastinating and how do I deal with it.

First of all, I acknowledge that I can be impulsive most of the time. Whenever I see my phone or my laptop, I tend to use it first before doing my homework and before I knew it, the time is really late. :( Another example is about my Math course this semester; I have noticed that I procrastinated more because I am not expecting to have a good mark because I am thinking that it is too hard for me. When talking about the value of the task, well I don’t like cleaning my room. I really don’t know what I have to do just so I will be motivated to clean all those stuff because my brother will start throwing things around my room after I finish cleaning it. Last but not the least reason of my procrastination is when I don’t want to do the things I HAVE to do because I think that the due date is still far.

How does my procrastination relate to the procrastination equation? Well, all of the things I have mentioned above are connected to the factors in the procrastination equation. Procrastination was brought by the factors: Expectancy, Value, Delay and Impulsiveness. My lack of self-confidence in receiving a high mark in my Math course affects the Expectancy factor of my procrastination. Seeing myself cleaning is totally not fun and not enjoyable and that influences the Value factor of the equation. Also,  when I can see in my agenda book that the submission date for assignments or projects are still far, I do procrastinate and it affects the Delay factor. Sometimes, the absence of self-control in me when it comes to gadgets and the Internet controls the Impulsiveness factor.

Some solution that I have figured out that works for me in fighting procrastination ...
      - First of all, I have accepted that I really do procrastinate and it is indeed the first step to solve my procrastinating problems. Since the day that I have accepted this fact, I always remind myself to stop procrastinating. I just have to convince myself more often to do the things that I have to do.
  • Distractions are a total NO-NO!
      - If I can't control my impulsiveness, I will put all those technological devices away from me. I will not turn on my laptop if I am not finished doing my homework yet. I also leave my phone in my bed and do homework in the balcony or the kitchen table where I have no choice but do my homeworks.
  • Optimism is the key!
      - Once I have started thinking positive about my Math course and putting into my mind that I am going to get a good mark, soon, my brain is set to do real Math stuffs. :) It definitely works to keep your mind positive in every task that you are doing so you will not delay doing it.
  • Always set Long-Term GOALS
      - Instead of setting a goal on every test, I had set a long-term goal which I can always think of whenever I am procrastinating. My long-term goal is to have an above 90 average to be able to enter University and get a scholarship. To make it more effective, I am now thinking of posting it into my bedroom wall or the fridge.
  • Rewarding Myself
      - If I did well on my test or quiz, or even just finishing my project before it is due, I never forget to reward myself. Eating my favorite ice cream, buying myself a new shirt or eating my favorite foods are the kinds of rewards that I give myself. Also, whenever I am doing my homework, I will always give myself some 10-minute break to relax my mind and just talk to people on Facebook. Well, everybody needs a break.

At the end of  the day, no one can really stop themselves from procrastinating. So it depends on how well you handle all of the circumstances that are going to happen in your life. In our mind, we can picture ourselves getting thousands of chances even if we procrastinate. But in reality, we don't have enough luck to get second chances. Bottom line? Well, we just have to give our best on the first try and of course - AVOID PROCRASTINATION.

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