In a well-written post, respond to the following questions:
  1. How do you personally use technology to learn?
  2.  Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?
  3. Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?
The amount of devices that we can connect to the Internet is innumerable. Great isn't it? Knowing that we can have as many devices we want to connect to the World Wide Web.

But that is not how my life was like before...

Try imagining yourself studying in a third-world country. You don't have your own computer, or even a cellular phone that you can connect to the Internet. Not to mention that you also have to share books with your classmates because there is no enough funding in your school.

Yes, that's how my life works before. I took an Associate Diploma in Computer Technology when I was still in the  Philippines, but unfortunately, I have to rent computers just so I can do all my homeworks and projects. When I came here to Canada, I started working, and instantly, I have my own smart phone and laptop! These are the devices that I mainly use for studying and changed my whole perspective of the word "study".

I started not to limit myself of learning in school, because even at home, I am able to learn because of these devices. Whenever I do my homeworks, I always use the the Internet for research purposes. I also use it to learn about the words that I cannot understand yet, since I am an ESL student. I use the Internet to watch video tutorials online if I cannot do my Math homework, or if there is something that I don't understand on the lesson that day. My phone is also a very useful tool for learning because I can always carry it wherever I go. I can download apps such as graphing calculator, periodic table or math formulas to help me in my studies. The World Wide Web has a lot more to offer, there is a lot of websites that help students learn. Some are based in just one Subject area but there are also websites that I used generally for all Subjects. One of the most popular social networking website that students used for school is Facebook. My classmates are always posting their notes and the blackboard notes for us to refer to in the future. Teachers may or may not believe it, but Facebook Classroom Groups are really really helpful.

Studying in a classroom full of computers? Not totally new to me, since I was a Computer student before. But I must actually admit, that I only experienced studying in a classroom full of computers with access to the Internet, a Library with computers, Smart Boards, Clickers, and Projectors here in Canada! I feel so blessed. :) Using different types of technology and devices in the classroom is appealing to me. Of course, we are already in the 21st century! But I actually care about the content of what the teacher is teaching than the devices he or she is using. These devices actually helps me learn when the teacher uses it for more interactions. It makes the class a bit more awake than sleepy if we are just merely listeners.

Teachers who can use technology effectively to teach the students are an added-bonus to a student's school life. But I know not all teachers can use technology as good as other teachers and it is not a disadvantage. I have known a lot of teachers who can teach really well without technology, and I have known some teachers who uses technology so well in class that the students always participate in every lesson.

To me, it does not really matter if my teacher wants to use technology in class. I can learn the same lesson from a teacher even if she lectured it with or without technology. But when it is a work period, I actually work more efficient without technology because it means I am free of distractions. I just write everything that I have in my mind in a piece of paper than typing in  a device connected to the Internet which I can use for unnecessary purposes.

To sum up, learning is not just based on technology. It comes from many factors and without the other, learning does not happen. But the main point is that, TECHNOLOGY HELPS US TO LEARN MORE.

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